Anonymous asked I'm 18 and he's 14 :( it sounds so bad hey, I feel like I can't tell anyone or I'll get judged

Yeah that is a very noticeable age gap and I’m not going to sugar coat it, people will judge that. I’m not sure how to help you sorry, that’s a crappy situation. I think it’s best that you don’t go there

Anonymous asked So I really like this guy we get along so well and I see him every week he's so cute and he always comes up to me and gives me a hug or I'll put my hand out and he will play with my fingers or take of my ring and wear it etc but he's 4 years younger than me and in saying that it seems so weird but when I'm with him I forget and I feel like we're the same age, and I've tried to forget about it but I just can't

How old are you and how old is he? Because if you’re 18 he’s 14 that’s a more dramatic age gap than if you’re like 24 and he’s 20

Anonymous asked so u ever miss will?

No. And don’t ask me questions about Will please, we’re past that


Kay FochtmannPão de Açúcar, Rio de Janeiro, 2011
Anonymous asked For the anon, I have to take medicine cause my cold sores get so bad! Get herpecinL (Chapstick in a blue and white tube) or camphophenic (gel in a yellow and white tube) from your drug store! Don't pick it or put ice or anything, they suck so bad but let it run it's course!


Anonymous asked Cold sore tips ? X| im serisouly stressed out!

I’ve never had one sorry

Anonymous asked To the girl that asked for advice with her boyfriend whom they both went on a break from, i seriously reckon it would be such a tricky situation to get back too. from a similar experience, it won't be the same. and he might always try getting back at you for sleeping around, which he shouldn't, but thats how a lot of guys work. just dont like see people getting hurt, easier to back out sooner than later. But if you disagree, go for it. love is strange xxxx


Anonymous asked I did message you before he left. the only reason I am going to forgive him is because I had sex with a lot of people while me and him broke up last time. it just sucks :( thanks for your help

Oh okay, that still does suck. I think when he gets back you guys need a good talk and to proclaim ur love for eachother xx all the best

Anonymous asked Do you think that Zac and you will still be together while you're on Schoolies? How will you both deal with that

Yes we’ll still be together, our 1 year will be while Im on schoolies which sucks. And we’ll be fine? I don’t give a toss about other boys and I’m there to have fun with my girls 



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