Anonymous asked: Yeah, I'll just wait and see what happens. Thank you :) I just felt I couldn't tell anyone or they'd judge me

No worries xx

Anonymous asked: I knoww that's the problem and it's also kinda weird the girl being older not that there's anything wrong with it it's just it's always the guys that are older. But he's so cute and he just comes up to me and picks me up which is surprising since he's bit like super buff or anything

I’m about 8 months older than my boyfriend! Im year 12 and he is year 11 but he’s actually probably more mature than me so it’s not bad haha. And that’s cute but I don’t think that it would be a good idea. Maybe give it some time, because 4 years gap is alot at that age, especially with you being older than him :(

Anonymous asked: Me and my ex are getting back together, we dated for two years and lived together. but he dated my arch enemy (who dates all my boyfriends) when we broke up for four months... I don't know if i can ever move past that. And the worst part is i think he is trying to be sneaky behind my back... But he says she keeps trying to contact him and he isn't replying... Should i believe him?

Well if you’re getting back together you want to go back into things with not so much a clean slate, but with everything off your chest and out in the open so that you can give this second time the best chance. So sit down and talk with him and tell him that you think he’s being sneaky and that him dating that person bothered you and that you need to know for sure that he isn’t in contact with her for you to be move forward x

Anonymous asked: Are you physically attracted to Zac and do you think that it's important?

Yes vvvv much and yes it is definitely  

Anonymous asked: do you and zac fight much

Nosey but no not fights 


I need a hug or 6 shots of vodka

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Anonymous asked: Hey so I need some advice I kinda like this guy but he is 4 years younger than me I just graduated school last year but he's only 14 is this a bad thing? :/

Hmm yeh I’m not sure about that, if you were 24 and he was 20 it would be different but you having finished school and him being like year 8/9 is abit eek

Anonymous asked: can you post what you buy tomorrow?

Umm yep could do that! You’ll probably see pics of when i wear stuff but yah xx



backstage, Marc Jacobs S/S 1998