Anonymous asked agh ally help me! I'm getting the iPhone 6 and I'm not sure whether to get the silver or gold, i currently have the 5s in gold and had only gotten the gold because it was the new colour!

I like silver, silver looks nicer with coloured cases and stuff too


MM6 Maison Martin Margiela ss2015
Anonymous asked are you friends with emily or maddy

Yeah em’s the best love her, and I haven’t really met maddy  but i guess we’ve chatted a couple times. Idk 


Raf Simons, S/S 2015

this is fucking gold
Anonymous asked Hi ally, a couple of questions, first off your style iz amazin so where did you get your top from that's in the pic of you on Insta captioned: Jess' last night and the top you wore to anyway? Thank girl

Thanku lots. Top for Jess’ is from Zachary and top for anyway is from Bardot

Anonymous asked what kind of backpack do you have for school?

The school one

Anonymous asked what is the name and type of car you have ?

Toyota corolla

Anonymous asked What do you think about everything that's going on between emily Amirdis and maddy Hal!?

Haha it’s not any of my business

Anonymous asked have you been doing well on sacs? is having a boyfriend in year 12 distracting?

I have been doing well and nope it’s not

Balenciaga F/W 12
Anonymous asked do you still speak to will

No but we’re friends I guess


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